Our Story

I am Liz Glover, a mother of two, a grandmother of 3, married to Grady Glover for 37 years. 
There is nothing significant or noteworthy in the history of my life. I don't consider myself to be 
extraordinary. I lived my life asking God what my purpose in life is. The “why was I born 
question” was constantly in my heart.
Every day ... day in and day out ... and every year ... year in and year out ... nothing 
extraordinary or significant happened. I just “did the next thing”. 
Sometimes that “next thing” was changing a diaper, cooking a meal, sewing draperies for the 
house, creating a homey little nest for my family. But I always felt that there was something 
huge that I was supposed to accomplish, that God had a great purpose for my life and when I 
would ask Him what He wanted me to do He would tell me, “Just do the next thing.”
In 2007 I was watching the news with my husband and there was a documentary about human 
trafficking. It was then that I learned that slavery still exists, and it rocked my world forever. 
The documentary was not just about slavery. It was about the most horrific kind of slavery - sex 
slavery. Every emotion you can imagine from rage, to grief, to determination surged through my 
being. I had a knowing in my heart that God had gifted me to do something to help.
I cried out to God and said, “I don’t know what to do. Teach me what I can do to help.”
Within the week God brought me into contact with an organization who empowers women to 
have job skills by establishing micro-enterprise businesses within organizations that rescue and 
restore victims of human trafficking. Jewels 4 God, Int’l invited Grady and I to go on a trip to 
Mumbai, India.
We were escorted through the red light district this city and given careful instructions about how 
to dress, how to walk, where to direct my eyes and how to behave. We saw things that we could 
never have imagined in our wildest dreams. No Hollywood set or movie could have prepared us 
for the places that we walked. I had no idea that places this horrendous existed in the world. 
And yet these people are born here, exist here, and will die here and never know of open blue 
skies, green meadows, clean conditions and most especially peace and freedom. 
“How many of these miles of streets and ally ways are brothels?” I asked in horror. 
The unimaginable answer, “Every street, every house, every doorway is a brothel. Every woman 
you see is a prostituted slave, owned by another human being. Every little girl you see is 
destined for the same life as her mother unless someone extends a hand and helps her out.
”For so long I had heard the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew saying, “I needed clothes 
and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit 
me... Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, 
you did for me.” 
Standing in a free medical clinic in the middle of the Red Light district in Mumbai I mentally and 
spiritually rolled up my sleeves and again prayed the same original prayer, “Lord I don’t know 
what to do, but I know that I am part of the solution. Teach me what to do to help.” I knew by
then that God had called me to devote my life to helping these women and children, and it
was upon that calling that I became committed to doing what I was designed and created to do.
The product of this commitment is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Jubilee Market. 
Again, I am not special or unique, even in this calling. So many people have taken this exact 
same journey. I am asked frequently, “How can I help? I know that I need to do something but
I don't know what or how. I am still a mom with young children. I can’t go to India or another 
foreign country. But I can’t ignore the burden that God laid on my heart.”