Freedom Cafe

Freedom Cafe Network

our vision

Since 2008, we have wanted to operate a café in which 100% of the money brought in would go to charitable causes working to end human trafficking. In the past, this has not been possible because of the overhead involved in opening a café. In 2011, we acquired property on campus that brought this dream to life. With all bills paid by the tenants living on the second floor and an eager group of socially minded students willing to volunteer their time, we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.


our way

Human trafficking is a big problem in the world today. We want to do our part to both raise funds to rescue victims enslaved around the world, but also to raise awareness among our students at UMass. Many who are religious, non-religious, atheist and agnostic see the need to stand up for justice in this area.
Many students are familiar with the issue of human trafficking, but are uneducated and unsure of how to help. Operating a café in which the profits go to a charity working to end human trafficking allows them to do social justice by simply drinking coffee. Raising awareness and cultivating a concern for others can only help the climate of UMass become less self-serving and more others-centric. We hope to not only provide the UMass and Amherst community with a delicious coffees and teas, but also a chance to do good in the world one cup at a time.