Large Saree Quilt -comfort of night

$ 110.00

This hand-stitched Saree Quilt was made in Kolkata, India, by a woman that had been rescued from human trafficking, or is at risk of being trafficked. The quilt is made from five-layers of recycled saree material that has been laundered, patched, and hand-stitched using the katha stitch. Each side of the quilt is uniquely patterned and measures approximately 82 inches in length by 37 inches in width.

A woman who is a survivor of human trafficking, or at risk of being trafficked, is now empowered to provide for her family and herself through the sale of this product. She has gained valuable job skills and an income that allows her to be less susceptible to becoming enslaved.

You are part of the link in helping her when purchasing a product made by her. Look for her name on the tag, as each quilt is signed by the Artisan. 

Each ONE Matters!