Allendale Bags

Allendale Bags are designed and hand-made by prison inmates sentenced to the Allendale state prison in South Carolina. These incarcerated men, many of whom are scheduled for release within 2 years, have volunteered to take part in a faith-based prison ministry called JumpStart.  The focus of JumpStart is to train up these men to become productive and responsible individuals, so they may successfully transition back into society.  

The Jubilee Market has partnered with both JumpStart and the Allendale prison to provide vocational training inside the prison.  These JumpStart inmates work five days a week in the Jubilee Market program.  Not only do they learn new job skills like photography, sewing, assembly, and product design; but they also get to practice important soft skills like being a good team player, following instructions, and leading a team.  These men are being SET FREE from the bondage of criminal behavior and repeat incarceration.

In fact, many prisoners have expressed that working on Jubilee Market products is a type of redemptive work for them.  When you purchase a bag these prisoners have made, the proceeds go to help victims across the world that are being rescued from the bondage of sex slavery and poverty. These prisoners are now a link in the chain of helping SET OTHERS FREE!


Allendale Bags are MADE BY FREED because EACH ONE MATTERS!

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